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Nail Polish


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Custom Color Accessories

Color match your accessories the way your brand deserves it! Now you are able to get droppers and treatment pumps for your Boston Rounds in any color you can imagine! Take the opportunity to differentiate yourself and be unique.

Combining Luxury with Sustainability!

Our new Jars with replaceable inner cups create the perfect package! Customers can reuse their glass jars endlessly, creating a practical and
eco-friendly alternative.
Cups and caps can be made out of Post industrial recycled PP. .

Shoulder Fit Pumps and Droppers for Boston Round

New High Glass’ Shoulder Fit line of pumps and droppers hug the shoulder to hide the neck of your Boston Round packaging, giving a sleek and modern look!

Skincare 2019 Collection

Our 2019 Collection has been carefully chosen to meet this years top trends in the cosmetic and personal care industries. Striking a balance between cost and quality, New High Glass has got you covered!


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